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No Comments 10 December 2012

So, they say acknowledging you have a problem is the first step. I would agree, but once I take one step I want to take another, so here is my theory thus far. Mind you this is only my theory about me, and not anyone else, but I do love you!

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Back on Track!

4 Comments 19 November 2012

Well, my mind has been renewed and I am back on track again! I am so appreciative that I can have new starts and new beginnings. I remember, when my girls were young, if they were having a really bad day, I would tell them “It’s okay! We can start your day over right now so you don’t have to continue to have a bad day or live with the reminder of how bad the day is.” Sometimes a new day would start at 4:00 pm! It would give them a peace that they could start over and not be “stuck in the yuck” any more. “Stuck in the yuck” is an official therapy diagnosis. Well, it is in Kim’s school of therapy, at least.

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1 Comment 12 November 2012

I find sometimes God only gives me a glimpse into my future and I am sure it is for my own good. If I knew the whole picture I might run from the plan He has for me. I feel fairly certain my fitness coach, Mary Ricciardi, will be in agreement with that statement. I have already caught myself saying “yes, but” or “no, but.” It is a sign I am swimming in the river of denial!

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Making Adjustments

Added on 5 February 2013

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